About Us

Building a legacy

Proudly established in Australia’s Northern Territory, Australian Cattle Enterprises (ACE) is an integrated cattle company with its head office in Darwin.

The ACE model is a simple one. It is built around the cattle and the land because they are a constant reminder of our responsibility to future generations to do our work properly and to the best of our ability, at all times.

ACE provides a sustainable, ethical and best practice partnership between Australian cattle producers and our export customers. Our focus is on building long term supply arrangements and cattle backgrounding programs that connect local farmers with overseas markets by sharing the performance of the cattle they raised in these markets.

We are committed to being valued members of Australia’s livestock community. We are trusted by our customers and importantly, we want to be able to share their story with our key partners in Australia.

We believe we can make a difference. Through our importing partners, we are helping to feed communities and create employment and training opportunities in developing countries. Back home in Australia, we are supporting our farmers by creating a sustainable, ethical and trusted trade network for their livestock.

We are passionate about creating a legacy.

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“We want to build a global network of producers and importers. We want to create opportunities for all parties and provide high-quality livestock to global markets using best practices, innovative technology and expert knowledge. In doing so we aim to create jobs in local communities, provide food for families and help improve living standards for developing countries. We are committed to achieving our vision safely, ethically and honourably.”

Patrick Underwood, Managing Director.

Best practice promise

ACE is committed to striving for excellence across all its business areas. Our specialist team has the expertise, knowledge and experience to apply best-practice processes, and technology across every element of the supply chain.

Through our established and extensive networks, we are able to facilitate and build relationships between Australian producers and importers across South East Asia. Our strong long-term partnerships are based on a shared commitment to quality livestock, excellence in animal welfare and building strong communities.

Our industry knowledge and trusted networks ensures ACE is able to proactively manage the complexities of the supply chain to ensure traceability, ethical, efficient and excellent service that inspires confidence and trust for all stakeholders.

Australia's beef industry is a large economic contributor and land user. ACE understands the importance of adopting principles that ensure the efficient and safe production of high-quality livestock, whilst preserving and protecting the environment, the social, ethical and economical standards of producers and farmers, their workforce and local communities, and above all the health and welfare of animals.

I grew up in northern Australia, on the edge of the Tanami desert. I saw the cattle world through the eyes of a producer, trying our best to raise calves.  Cattle respond to care and nutrition, and they need this in Australia, and they need this during transport, and they need this in market when they arrive. They need and deserve the highest level of care and dignity.” 

Patrick Underwood, Managing Director.

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